Our Mission

Caminos serves the southern Oregon region by providing a platform to those who wish to reach the Latino community. We aim to build local partnerships and to support the Spanish speaking community with a reliable and useful resource of information.

What is Caminos?

The word “Camino” has three common meanings: Path, Road, and Journey. Our publication exists to serve the community and be at the intersection where the paths of local people, institutions, and businesses converge. Whether its helping to connect members with local activities, important community services, or business, we hope to support and foster lifelong connections on our common journey of harmonious coexistence.

Who manages and operates Caminos publication?

Caminos is a monthly Spanish language publication produced and operated locally in the beautiful Rogue Valley. Caminos mag- azine was founded by Alfredo and Hector Flores. Both were born and raised in Talent Oregon and over the years have developed deep roots with the larger Latino community of Southern Oregon. We are proud to include local talents; photography and creative work by Ezra Marcos, editorials by Claudia Montoya, proof editing by Victoria Bencomo, and many local talented contributors.

Why should my business reach the Latino community?

Latinos are the fastest growing segment of our population, and Oregon will be affected due to its proximity to California. Developing access to this demographic will be strategically important to many businesses and organizations in our valley.

How does Caminos reach the Latino community?

Caminos has three primary strategies to reach the Latino community. Our distribution is carefully selected and monitored for efficiency. It is im- portant to us that Caminos publication is of value to our readers. We understand that a magazine is only as valuable as its content. We believe that the quality of the content will directly influence the pick-up rate. Therefore we place an emphasis on exclusive, dymanic, entertaining and local content. Finaly, Caminos nurtures strong community relationships by sponsoring various community events as well as connecting with community organizations.

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