Your dental health matters!

When you take care of your teeth and gums, you’re taking care of your overall health, too. When our mouths aren’t healthy and we have dental pain, it can be hard to concentrate at work or school and more difficult to eat healthy foods.

Community members, coordinated care organizations, school officials, community health centers, dental care organizations, and dentists have come together in Jackson and Josephine Counties to form the Southern Oregon Oral Health Coalition (SOROHC). SOROHC’s mission is to make sure southern Oregon communities have good dental health.

Good dental health starts with good dental care during pregnancy and early dental care for children. Baby teeth should be checked by age 1. There are many community dental programs in southern Oregon focused on helping kids and adults have healthy mouths. If you have Oregon Health Plan (OHP) insurance, your dental benefits include check-ups, cleanings and many other dental procedures.
Poor dental health can affect a child’s ability to learn and causes missed school days due to dental pain and/or appointments. To prevent these problems, there is a new law requiring parents/guardians to list the date of the child’s last dental exam when registering their children ages 0 to 7 for school.
Many dental programs are now offered right at your child’s school! Your child may come home with a permission/consent form to allow a dental hygienist to check their teeth and apply sealants or other treatments. This way your child can receive preventive dental care without having to leave school for a dental appointment. It’s important to return the consent forms so that your child is eligible to receive dental care at school.

If you want to know more about your dental coverage under the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), contact your dental plan, your local coordinated care organization, or call the number on the back of your OHP card.
Remember: A healthy mouth leads to better overall health!

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