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Since the inception of the Rogue Valley’s premier latino magazine, the most striking, visual, and memorable representation of Caminos has been the front cover artwork. In fact, we often receive messages from people who missed a copy for their own collection! The cover art of Revista Caminos has been wide ranging and deeply involved in the local community. Examples of covers include local community members, celebrated youth, business owners, trends, and people engaging in local activities such as rafting and fishing. Needless to day, the cover of each magazine is one of the most talked about features! Here is a little insight and background into the magazine.

Ezra the photographer
With the exception of a few cover images, the majority of the photography has been taken by Ezra Marcos, a professional photographer who lives locally and makes his living via his art. Ezra is a critical part of the Caminos team, not only for his fantastic pictures, but for his creativity and passion for our local community. Ezra has a keen eye for photography and often chooses his own artistic direction to follow. Other Caminos staff members serve as his assistants or help to organize the models and locations.

Philosophy of the Cover
The number one criteria we have for the front cover it that it must be eye catching, and we’ve done everything possible over the years to provide the most attractive covers for our readers. We mainly choose people for our covers because we believe in featuring our local community, but sometimes we have chooses objects if those items fit the main article story. We feel that the cover should tell a story, it should inspire or lead you to ask “I wonder what this is about?”. Over all, the response from the community to our cover images has always been positive and inspiring.

  • Latino Actors at OSF (September 2010)
    This cover features actors and comedians from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival who had their own play at the festival. The reason this is a memorable cover for us is because it gave us tremendous confidence to talk to people. Additionally, the response by the community was supportive, so much so that my own mom for the first time said “make sure I get a copy of that, those guys are so handsome!”
  • Tattoo Artist Lily Flores (November 2011) When we were developing this cover, we wanted to reach out to local artists and we were able to get in touch with a local tattoo artists who had been on a tv show. Lily Flores was chosen to be on a tv competition about young tattoo artists and afterwards spent some time visiting family in the Rogue Valley. We found out about this talented artist and contacted her. She was very interested in featuring her work and we were more than happy to work with her. This was the only cover to feature the art of a tattoo artist and years later, when we were at a local market, we saw several people with a tattoo of this cover on their arm! Incredible!

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Alfredo Flores

Alfredo Flores

Editor of Caminos Magazine. Thank you to the communities of Southern Oregon for your continuous support!