S.O. Latino Scholarship Fund – Madelene, SOLSF Recipient

My heritage has shaped me to the individual I am today, because of the everyday obstacles I encounter as a result of migrating to the U.S. As a Mexican girl, I face discrimination inside and outside of school. I have been marginalized due to my culture, socioeconomic background, and race. Each challenge has motivated me to achieve a college education because in my future I will help my family overcome financial struggles, at times my goals for a higher education seemed to be out of reach.

The future I wanted was viewed as a fantasy but I yearn for knowledge, which motivated me to work hard regardless of the difficulty. Along the way I motivate my peers and am a role model to my younger siblings, encourage them to build awareness of their heritage and others. I am proud to stand out as a result of my heritage because I can display to my family and community that a higher education is possible and worth the effort. Being an immigrant has its challenges when pursuing a higher education, but through perseverance and the support of the Latino community, I will exceed to the best of my abilities. – Madelene

Madelene current recipient of SOLSF.

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